Indexed Universal Life

Tax-Free Retirement 

Alliance provides a great video on how I.U.L. works.

Indexed Universal Life

If you’re looking for more control over your financial future – and a great way to supplement your retirement or other savings goals – indexed universal life insurance is an excellent option.

Indexed universal life insurance, or I-U-L, puts you in charge of a financially secure future with:

  • Guarantees you’ll never get from the stock market
  • And beneficial tax advantages

An indexed universal life product can be a very effective way to:

  • Supplement your retirement income with policy loans and withdrawals that may be tax free
  • And provide income-tax-free life insurance benefits to ensure your family or business goals are achieved



  •  No: A guaranteed income for life from an annuity provides the ultimate security.
  • Yes: You know you don't have enough. We need to re-strategize.
  • I don't Know: The worst answer, typically the real answer here is yes but you will miss your chance to re-strategize. Time is your greatest asset here. Don't lose it.


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