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We help you, help you! We are in the field everyday with our agents. We don't believe in busy work - our job is to help our clients and better our community. We have partnered with individuals outside of financial services to "Be Community"! 


We are one of the few brokerages that own multiple lead generation companies. Exclusive leads are scarce in the financial industry. With most lead vendors selling the same lead to multiple agents or reselling old leads to fill an order, this creates issues for agents and the brokerage alike. To solve this problem we run our own lead generation campanies so that our partners are guranteed exclusive leads (through our IMO IFG).


Our goal is to provide a level of support that is far beyond what a new broker would expect. From training to strategizing income goals or business development, we have mastered each aspect of this business and are highly vested in your success. One of the reasons we are very selective with the partners we brng on is because we invest an extrordinary amount of time developing our partners. You will be personally mentored by the best in the business.


Through the process of training thousands of new brokers, we have mastered the art of getting a new broker to start profiting extremely fast. We have developed a proprietary online training platform from scratch that gives you the ability to train new brokers remotely anywhere in the united states.


There is a reason this is listed last. We do not entertain "Comp-Hunters."

While we do offer some of the most competitive compensation in the industry we believe that compensation is not the most important factor in a new brokers success. You can have the highest compensation level of any broker that ever lived and be running bad leads, never have been trained properly and have zero support from your partners and you will make far less than our average brokers. 

We believe our brokers do most of the work and should get paid the most off of each client they help. Our compensation is far beyond "fair" in the eyes of our brokers. Our lower producing brokers still make well over a 6-figure income while our top brokers make over $300k a year and up consistently off of their own pen. Most of our brokers work a Monday - Thursday 30 hour work week. We are all about a work-life balace lifestyle here.

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Let’s post your agency logo!

Let’s post your agency logo!

Let’s post your agency logo!


Let’s post your agency logo!

Let’s post your agency logo!


Let’s post your agency logo!


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Our mission is to provide unparalleled support to our agents and brokers and superior customer service to our clients through our agent-centric and client-centric approach to insurance. We have a set of core values that manifest themselves in the manner we conduct business.

A Message to Our Clients

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. Our job is to educate, find the best plan for our clients and to become their “agent for life” - we work hard to find the best policy for our clients. We focus on need and affordability.

Our promise to you is to help you uncover your needs and to be mindful of your budget ~ to help you get insurance coverage and keep it. We are a brokerage firm with dozens of carriers available to find the right fit for the right price. 

A Message to Our Agents

We are here to help you achieve your goals and to train you to become the best agent possible. No bait and switch - no false promises about grandeur. We grind side by side with you to give our clients the best possible product. We are a customer first environment. 

We have relationships with multiple lead houses, internal leads, but most importantly we show you how to get the best possible leads to get the best possible results. 

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